Home News Alleged Police Impersonators Pull Over Off-Duty Officer

Alleged Police Impersonators Pull Over Off-Duty Officer


Alleged Police Impersonators Pull Over Off-Duty Officer

Two Southern Californians were arrested this week after authorities say they impersonated police officers… while pulling over an off-duty cop.

The California Highway Patrol says Armando Perez, 26, and April Fabian, 20, tried to pull over an off-duty Irvine Police Department sergeant after midnight Tuesday in an old Ford Crown Victoria outfitted with a red and blue flashing strobe light.

“He called 911 and reported the suspicious circumstances. At that point they also tried to use a clear spotlight to illuminate his vehicle to try to get him to pull over, he obviously refused to do so wisely,” Officer Tom Joy with the California Highway Patrol said of the off-duty officer.

CHP soon caught up with the couple and they were pulled over in Westminster. Officers allegedly found replica guns in their vehicle, according to a CHP release.

Both were booked into the Orange County Main Jail on charges of conspiracy and impersonating a peace officer, the release said.

Bail was set at $20,000 each for Perez and Fabian.

According to the statement, police suspect the duo may have pulled over other others while impersonating officers.

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