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Groom Cancels Wedding After They Sent Him A Video Of The Bride at Bachelorette Party


groom cancels wedding A bachelor or bachelorette party is supposed to be a proper send-off for the groom and the bride. Most people celebrate it by having wild and fun nights with their friends as it is considered the last day of freedom for a bride and a groom. One woman, though, took it too far with her bachelorette party that she ended up losing her groom-to-be.

A man who’s supposed to get married to the love of his life had to cancel the big day after seeing a video of his wife-to-be screwing another man. Reportedly, the video was hacked and got sent to the groom. In the video, the woman can be seen surrounded by her friends cheering for her as she gets banged hard by a stripper at her bachelorette party.

Groom Cancels Wedding after watching video

Watch Video Below:

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  • Tanesha Graves

    He should of cancelled the wedding!! First of all you let this stripper fuck you Raw and then but in you face, haven’t you heard of diseases? She seems to be a nasty trifling bitch and if he would have married her it’s no telling who she be fucking behind his back

    • Chris Thomas

      I would imagine her friends surrounding her (if they are married) in this vid will be getting served divorce requests.