Home Weird News Guy Parks His BMW in His Living Room During Hurricane Matthew

Guy Parks His BMW in His Living Room During Hurricane Matthew


Car Enthusiast Parks His Beloved BMW in His Living Room During Hurricane Matthew

This is a man who really, really loves his car.

As Hurricane Mathew made landfall and buffeted the Florida coast, Randy Jalil of Port St. Lucie decided there was no place like home for his pristine 1988 BMW M3.

As in driving it through the front door and parking it behind his couch.

“It’s my pride and joy and any of my friends that know me understand how much I love it!” he told InsideEdition.com. “The last thing I needed was any kind of damage to my car.”

Luckily, Jalil has double-wide front doors. He measured the opening, discovered it was 73 inches, which was wider than his car. With some help from his dad, he drove it right in, with inches to spare, he said.

He posted photos of his automotive baby on Instagram, and soon car publications like Motor Trend were putting his images online.

One photo shows him eating breakfast with his car. Another frame shows it nestled firmly behind his comfy couch.

Jalil recently returned to Florida after seven years in the Air Force. He had forgotten what it was like to ride out a big storm.

But all turned out well and the storm had little effect in his area.

“We enjoyed a nice breakfast together the morning after the hurricane,” he said.


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