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Man lets girlfriend have sex with other men but he must stay faithful


man lets girlfriend to have sex with other men

Man lets girlfriend have sex with other men but he must stay faithful!

A man has agreed that his girlfriend can have sex with other men while he remains faithful – on the condition she doesn’t leave him.

Adam Gillet, 27 and partner Beatrice Gibbs, 22, say their one-sided open relationship makes them happy and they’re not concerned with what others think of them.

They came to the unorthodox agreement after Beatrice, a make-up artist, confessed that she didn’t think she could resist sleeping with other men.

She explained: ‘I love Adam, but I wasn’t ready to settle down and commit to just one man.’

When she tried to break up with Adam, he was devastated. He suggested they stay together, agreeing she could have sex with other men so long as she was completely honest about it.

girl in a weird relationship

‘It’s the perfect situation, I have a boyfriend I love but also get to have fun with other men when I want to,’ she told The Sun.

Beatrice says she sometimes feels a little guilty about seeing other people, but after a chat and a cuddle with Adam things quickly get back to normal.

Explaining why he sacrificed his preference for monogamy, Adam said he’d rather this than lose her completely.

Adding: ‘We decided this is the best way to take the relationship forward so I have become used to it.’

He insists he’s not interested in chasing other women and while he feels jealous when she talks about bedding other guys, he keeps his emotions inside, claiming

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