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Remember This Starving Nigerian Kid? See How He Looks Now


When he was 2 years old Anja Ringggren Loven took the boy in and wow what a difference

remember-this-starving-nigerian-kid_-see-how-he-looks-nowAnja Ringggren took in the boy, cleaned him up and nurtured him, after he was abandoned by his community when they believed that he was practicing witchcraft.

remember-this-starving-nigerian-kid_-see-how-he-looks-nowLoven is the co-founder of African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation in Nigeria and was appalled at the reason that the boy was not being fed or cared for. She was told he had no mother or father.

remember-this-starving-nigerian-kid_-see-how-he-looks-nowUnder Loven’s care, the boy began to gain weight and get healthy.

remember-this-starving-nigerian-kid_-see-how-he-looks-nowLoven named him Hope, and 7 months later he has made a complete transformation.


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