Home Weird News Teen escapee asks for a better mugshot on Facebook

Teen escapee asks for a better mugshot on Facebook


Teen escapee asks for a better mugshot on Facebook

Like licenses, mugshots aren’t known to make people look good. So why not try and change it if you have the opportunity?

Police in Australia were on the hunt for 18-year-old, Amy Sharp after she escaped from corrective service officers in Sydney on Aug. 19. Sharp was placed in custody for property offences.

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Local TV station, 7 News shared the police’s mugshots on Facebook Thursday, seeking public information.

Sharp had no chill though: She took to the comments to ask police and the media to use a nicer picture.

“Can you use this photo, please and thank you,” Sharp cheekily wrote, with a different picture of herself attached.

Teen escapee asks for a better mugshot on FacebookImage: facebook/7 news sydney

The comment has amassed more than 50,000 likes since, and despite the public’s affection for Sharp’s very relatable request, it might have actually helped lead police to her whereabouts. Sharp was arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning in Sydney’s Wentworth Park.

“She was taken to Newtown Police Station where she was charged with escaping lawful custody, as well as an outstanding warrant,” New South Wales Police said in a statement online.

No news if she’s been able to get herself a new mugshot just yet.

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