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Ultrasound Shows Woman She Is Pregnant With A Rabbit


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Sometimes it can be very hard to make out a baby in an ultrasound, but one Florida couple was able to see something in theirs very clearly, it just didn’t look at all like a baby.

The fetus closely resembles a rabbit, complete with long ears and four legs. The mom-to-be posted the ultrasound image on Reddit with the caption, “Went for my first ultrasound today… turns out I’m having a bunny.”

The pregnant 33-year-old doesn’t care what her baby looks like, she is just happy it’s doing well. She wrote, “I was nervous because we have lost two in the past so I was relieved when I saw the heart beat at [a healthy] 163 [beats per minute]. Then we noticed it was a bunny and had a good laugh about it.”


Coincidentally, the baby is due a week before Easter.

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