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This Beer Company Will Pay You $12,000 To Drink Beer All Summer


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According to Thrillist: World of Beer, a Florida-based chain of more 70 craft beer taverns, announced Wednesday that it’s currently looking for three “Drink It” interns who will be tasked with visiting numerous breweries across the country and abroad, tasting all sorts of beer, attending major beer events and festivals, and sharing live updates from the boozy adventure via social media, according to the official job description. Although it’s not a longterm job with a salary or traditional benefits, like last year, the internship last four months and World of Beer will pay you $12,000 and cover all your travel expenses. Oh, and there will be plenty of free beer, of course.

“The selected Drink It Interns will be World of Beer narrators, capturing content from around the country and the world and sharing it back via WOB social media channels to fans, bringing fresh stories and new insights in the world of brew traveling,” the company said. “The interns will be reporting on a behind-the-scenes look at the beer industry, covering brewery and WOB events, while gaining real-world experience in a professional field that offers limitless possibilities.”

To apply for the spectacularly sudsy internship, follow the instructions detailed on World of Beer’s website (HERE) and submit your application before the March 26th deadline. The most important part of your application, however, is submitting a one-minute video in which you share your passion for beer, or the story of your life-changing beer experience, or an ode to your all-time favorite beer — something that showcases your personality and makes you stand out. Hannah Davis, World of Beer’s Director of Brand Marketing, offered this advice:

“That passion for beer has to come through really strong in the initial video, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert,” she said. “[Applicants] should be able to tell a story. I want to learn something in the video, so they should catch our eye and be memorable.”

The best applicants will be called in for a live interview before a panel of “beer-lebrity judges” that World of Beer will be hosting at its outposts in nine cities (see the full list on its website) across the US on April 8. As a bonus, customers at these locations will receive a free beer for voting for their favorite applicant. World of Beer said it doesn’t matter if you’re still in college, a recent graduate, or even a full-time grown-up, just as long as you’re at least 21, from the US, and able to work part-time.

World of Beer plans to officially select the three interns in late April. If you’re lucky enough to get the job, you’ll set off on your beer-soaked journey across the world in the weeks after that, and with any luck, you’ll come back with expert-level beer knowledge, insane stories to tell, and all the industry experience you’ll need to land your next beer-related dream job. Oh, and probably a hangover.