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Elderly Woman Run Over by Her Own Car After She Forgets to Put It in Park


car accidentAn elderly motorist was run over by her own car as it slipped away with no one at the wheel, a heart-stopping video shows.

It happened earlier in the week in Burlington, Washington, as 73-year-old Mary Helen Boberg was stopped a red light when another driver informed her that the gas cap was open.

She got out of the car to fix it, but did not put the vehicle in park. When she opened the door to get back in, she was dragged under the car and it rolled over her legs.

Video of the incident was shot by the motorist behind her, David Alger.

“She went to get back inside, next thing I know she’s down on the pavement and the car’s running over the top of her,” he told Inside Edition. “I’m thinking crushed legs, horrible pain.”

The Honda SUV Boberg was driving weighs nearly two tons. Alger ran out of his car to help her as her vehicle kept going across a busy intersection.

To Alger’s surprise, Boberg got back on her feet.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “She just sprang to her feet and dusted herself off. I tried to get her to hang on to my arm; she says ‘No, I’m fine.’”

Boberg walked to the curb with a slight limp, which was the only sign that she suffered any injury.

Her SUV kept going through the intersection and crashed into a tree. It did not have any serious damage.