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Fight Breaks Out on Packed Pleasure Boat


A group of friends were enjoying a nice day on the Chesapeake Bay during a sailboat regatta when a fight broke out on board — and it was caught on video.

The incident in Cambridge, Maryland last weekend was filmed by Daryl Newhouse, who was in a nearby boat and alerted the Coast Guard to the violent altercation.

“The boat was going around in circles,” Newhouse told Inside Edition. “We saw this boat sort of buzzing a number of the sailboats and getting dangerously close to them.”

In a call to the Coast Guard during the incident, she said: “We have a boat buzzing participants in the race.”

Newhouse told Inside Edition: “That’s when we saw that they were starting to fight. We saw someone throw something.”

One of the men fighting ripped off the boat’s antenna and started hitting his opponent with it.

“We started to believe somebody would go overboard quickly,” Newhouse told Inside Edition. “Somebody might have gotten hit with the propeller.”

The fight eventually stopped for a brief moment and they headed back to land, to return the boat because it was a rental.

Newhouse kept her camera rolling, even as the boat was making its way to the docks, and fists were still flying.

The video of the incident was posted to Facebook and Maryland Natural Resources Police are said to be investigating the brawl.