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Florida man accused of holding gun to girlfriend’s head while she breastfed baby



A Florida man was arrested after police said he held a gun to his girlfriend’s head while she breastfed their 2-week-old baby.

Cops were called to the St. Augustine, Fla., home of Kevin Smith, 29, after the victim’s mom saw Smith holding a gun to her daughter’s head in their bedroom as she tried to feed the child, WOKV reported.

Smith was enraged at his girlfriend because he believed she had been feeding the newborn breast milk from another woman, police told the TV station.

Smith tried to grab the baby from his girlfriend’s arms while she fed the infant, but the woman refused to give him the child.

The victim’s mother called 911 after she came to the home, heard screaming from the bedroom and then saw the couple in a physical dispute.

The victim’s mother took her daughter and the infant to safety in her husband’s truck.

Local media reported that the incident took place Wednesday night, but a St. John’s County spokesperson said the altercation happened three or more weeks prior.

Smith has been arrested and charged with battery, child neglect and obstructing justice. He remains in the St. Johns County jail on $12,500 bond.