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Groom Sets Up Brutal Revenge On Cheating Bride During Wedding Reception


Groom revenge on cheating wife

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most magical moments of your life. You’re making the most important commitment to the supposed love of your life in front of your entire family and best friends, and you’ve probably spent your life’s savings getting everything to look utterly perfect.

However, there are certain instances when that special day doesn’t go exactly to plan. Like if you’re a bride who’s slept with eight separate members of the wedding party during your engagement, for example. What am I talking about? I’ll let Irish sales agent Sean explain.

Sean recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show to reveal one of the most brutal tales of revenge on a cheating partner I think I’ve ever heard. It’s a tale of cheating, trickery, and revenge, and it’s a seriously good listen.

According to Sean, here’s the lowdown on what happened. During the wedding reception, the groom asks all his guests to stand up. Then, he asks them to flip their plates over. Whoever has a red mark on the bottom of their plate, he tells to remain standing. He then reveals that the eight remaining men standing are the eight men his fiancée has cheating on him with since their engagement.

According to Sean, he said: “Ladies and gentleman, will you please look at the eight gentlemen still standing. They have slept with my wife since we have been engaged. I am now going for an annulment.”


Can it get any more awkward than that? And when I say awkward, I mean ridiculously badass. If this cautionary tale hasn’t succeeded in putting you off marriage for ever, you should probably check out what happened when a groom got a little too wasted and ended up punching two of his bridesmaids in the face. Ouch.

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