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Husband Posts Weird Requests on Craigslist For ‘Guy Doing His Wife’


Husband Posts Weird Requests on Craigslist

Cheating is probably one of the leading causes for failed marriages. It’s nothing short of devastating when you find out that your spouse is cheating on you. And let’s be honest about it – revenge will certainly be on your mind.

A couple of months ago, a wronged husband got very creative in confronting the man that his wife is having an affair with.

There’s no telling how long his wife was having an affair.

Husband Posts Weird Requests on Craigslist

The husband wrote a very revealing letter to his wife’s lover. He then posted it on Craigslist — specifically under the Reading, Philadelphia “Missed Connections” section.

The Craigslist letter’s featured image was one dirty sock.

Husband Posts Weird Requests on Craigslist

The wronged husband didn’t name names. However, used this phrase to address the targeted recipient of his message: “To the guy doing my wife.” We’ve re-posted his entire letter below, where he lists 10 specific requests to the man who is his wife’s lover.

To the guy doing my wife. You know who you are. Yes, I know. No, I am not angry, I would just ask a few things of you. After all you are giving it to my wife.

1. Please stop leaving the seat up. I keep getting blamed and it is starting to get old.

2. You may be giving me a chance to go fishing more often, but please stop drinking all my beer. It is fine if you have a couple while you visit (god knows I drink plenty before I find her attractive), but please leave me a few as I have to be there longer than you.

3. If you do drink the last one buy more or leave money on the counter I will pick some up.

4. Please replace the toilet paper when you use it all. For some reason my 5-year-old son believes if its not there he does not have to wipe. We keep it under the sink, unless you can recommend a better spot?

5. After doing my wife please use something disposable to wipe off with. The basket of clothes on the right is mine and the clothes are clean as my wife does not do my washing, I run out of time rushing to work. Last week my sweatshirt was crusty (thanks).

The wife’s lover left many clues in their home.

Husband Posts Weird Requests on Craigslist

6. Please do not tell my children that you are their uncle. They are young, not mentally challenged.

7. Please stop turning the heat up. You pay nothing and MUD (Metropolitan Utilities District) is putting it in my ass, my wife may like it but I think it hurts.

8. When she asks “do these pants make me look fat,” say no. You may think giving a different answer will make her think twice about eating a gallon of ice cream a day but all you are doing is giving her a reason to go buy more pants that she will look just as fat in.

9. Stop eating the baked goods. The brownies you ate were from my mom for my birthday. My wife has not cooked anything that good for years and if she does, she will not share.

10. Try shifting your weight when you sit on my chair. The recliner that I rarely have time for (soccer games and practice, basketball camp for the kids takes much of my time and I try to help with school work, too) has a grove in it that forces me to roll to the left.

Lastly, I would like thank you for taking her to lunch on Valentine’s Day. She was not as hungry as usual and only ordered one meal. I may be able to use the money I saved to take the children to a movie. I hope you can help me with these items, it may become awkward if I have to confront her. If you can do this for me I will give you a heads up on when I will be gone and for how long so that you don’t feel rushed.

P.S. I am going to take the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge for four days, I have a bottle of vodka above the fridge if you find yourself low on beer.

Thanks This was not writen by anyone named Jack S.

This guy is probably the chillest husband ever.

Husband Posts Weird Requests on Craigslist

Needless to say, the wronged husband’s letter is now the stuff of Craigslist legend. It was reportedly flagged for removal shortly after it went public. We don’t have to guess who asked for the post to be removed.

Nobody knows what happened to the man and his cheating wife and her lover. We can only hope that he either left her and took the kids with him or they gave their marriage another try after the wife got rid of her lover.