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Jack Black becomes subject of online death hoax after Tenacious D Twitter account gets hacked


Jack Black is still alive — despite what you might’ve read on Twitter.

The actor was the subject of a fake death hoax early Sunday morning after the official Twitter account for his comedy rock band Tenacious D was apparently taken over by a hacker.

The online outlaw fired off a series of daunting messages claiming the “School of Rock” star had died before the band managed to regain control of the account and debunk the harrowing claims.

“WE had our Twitter account hacked,” Tenacious D wrote. “We can assure you that Jack is ALIVE and WELL and that this was a sick ‘prank.'”

The band’s dismissal came roughly six hours after the hacker’s first unnerving tweet, which read, “I’m sad to officially announce the death of Jack Black at the age of 46, rest in peace brother.”

Shortly after, the account shared another tweet featuring the hashtag #RipJackBlack before tweeting once again that the actor had died, adding to the concern and confusion among the comedian’s fans.

In the middle of the ordeal, however, Tenacious D guitarist John Konesky cautioned that the death declaration wasn’t real.

Jack Black“@RealTenaciousD ‘s Twitter feed was hacked,” he tweeted from his personal account. “(That) s— ain’t true! They’re working on fixing it!”

The hacker eventually relented, admitting that the faux death announcement was “just a prank” shortly after. The tweets have since been deleted.

The band wasn’t the only big name whose account appeared to be hacked overnight. The first tweet in five years was posted to the account of late “Jackass” star Ryan Dunn, who died in 2011.

“Just met Tupac, real nice guy,” the tweet read.

The Tenacious D account retweeted the post, though it’s unclear if the same hacker was involved in both incidents.

It’s not the first time Black has been in the middle of online death rumors. In 2012, a hoax deemed he had fallen off a cliff in New Zealand, and in 2014, another claimed he had died from a stroke, according to the BBC.

Jack BlackBlack himself has not addressed the latest sham.

The “Kung Fu Panda” star is the latest victim of an apparent online hacking incident.

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