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Pokemon Go Boy Kills Younger Brother Because He Thought He Deleted His Pokemon



(Cartelpress)JACKSONVILLE, FL – Pokemon GO, a mobile game that has captured the attention of millions of fans worldwide, is yet again the cause of a tragedy. Timmy Richards, A 15 year old Florida teen, was arrested Sunday morning after stabbing his 13 year-old brother to death because, according to authorities, he thought his younger brother had deleted his Pokemon, when in reality, he had simply logged him out.

Since the release of Pokemon GO earlier this week, it has been a hit, attracting millions of players from all age ranges. Encouraging players to travel on foot to find and capture the various Pokemon available. “Tragic, tragic, tragic” said Officer Gary Philips, who arrived at the scene a few minutes after the murder, “It’s sad to see a game capture it’s players so much that they are willing to kill others. Especially in this case, as it was all just a misunderstanding”. According to his family, Timmy was a very smart and peaceful person, rarely seen angry or agitated.

According to reports, A few minutes after killing his brother, Timmy realized his Pokemon weren’t deleted as he thought, he only needed to log back into his account to see his Pokemon again. “I was shocked by the murder” said the medical examiner at the scene, “not only because the kid murdered his own brother, but because he thought he deleted his Pokemon. We later found out the kid had nothing but Ratatta’s and Pidgey’s. I would have understood if he had a Dragonite or Gyarados or something like that, but Jesus Christ, for a miserable Ratatta? As a matter of fact, I even caught a Ratatta at the scene”.

Authorities are advising all Pokemon GO players to please play rationally, and to not take the game too seriously as Timmy did. Timmy will be tried as an adult in the second-degree murder of his brother.