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Pokemon Go Player Climbs Cemetery Tree, Has To Call 911 After Getting Stuck


In the latest Pokémon Go embarrassment, a New Jersey woman found herself out a limb in the middle of a graveyard.

The unidentified player climbed a tree inside a Gloucester County cemetery Tuesday night while trying catch the virtual reality characters – and promptly found herself stuck.

Too terrified to climb down, the chagrined woman called 911 and admitted she was up a tree without a ladder and needed help getting down.

An East Greenwich Township Fire & Rescue team came to her aid, accompanied by a very long ladder.

Rescuers helped her climb down and withheld her name to protect her self-respect.

“For all those out there playing Pokémon Go, take heed of all of the warnings and be careful not to put yourself into bad situations. Think about what you are doing and where you are going before you actually do it,” the department posted to Facebook Wednesday.

The mishap is one of several in recent days — including a man who reportedly smashed into a police car playing the game in Baltimore and a man wanted by authorities who was nabbed playing the video craze outside a police station in Milford, Michigan.