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Russian women are showing their support for Putin


Russian women show support for putin

It’s Vladimir Putin’s war chest!

Russian beauties are being urged to rack up support for the Russian strongman — by busting out revealing shirts emblazoned with his image, the Daily Mail reported.

A patriotic youth group called Project Set launched the drive to score points for Putin ahead of next year’s presidential election.

Some bosom-baring shirts expose the cleavage through a love heart that Putin holds in his cupped hands. Others allow the boobs to appear through a cutout of his profile.

“Putin is a long-term famous brand and not just a politician,” said designer lya Sadalskikh. “Just a portrait of the president on a T-shirt is not surprising anymore.

“Many young designers who are working in the field of patriotic fashion are looking for their own unique angle or a fresh idea,” he added. “We think we have found one. Time and demand will prove if we are right or not.”

russian women support for putin