Friday, September 29, 2023
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Newly Elected Sheriff Stole Meth From Police Station's Evidence Storage

Newly Elected Sheriff Stole Meth From Police Station’s Evidence Storage

Two days after taking office, a newly elected West Virginia sheriff was charged with stealing meth from police evidence storage. Bo Williams was elected Roane...

Police department posts warning about Zika in meth

BATH, Mich. - A police department is turning to tongue-in-cheek tactics to fight a serious drug epidemic. The Bath Police Department in Michigan posted on...

Subway Employee Accused of Slipping Meth, Pot Into Police Officer’s Drink

A Subway employee in Utah deliberately poisoned a cop who came in for lunch on Monday, according to authorities. Police say the unnamed officer, a...

Florida man arrested when police confuse doughnut glaze for meth

ORLANDO, Fla., July 28 (UPI) -- A Florida man, arrested when police found suspected crystal meth on his floorboard, was cleared weeks later when...

Dog Owner Arrested After Chihuahua Tested Positive for Meth

A California dog owner was arrested last week after police say his dog tested positive for methamphetamine. Authorities in Fontana say Isaiah Sais, 21, took...