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Tattooed Dog Sparks Animal Cruelty Accusations


Tattooed Dog

A pet dog appears to have tattoos on its nose, ears and next to its eyes in shocking photos that have emerged.

Its owner, a tattoo artist from Brazil, has been accused of animal cruelty as a row erupted over the pictures.

They sparked an immediate backlash after being posted on Facebook by Emerson Damasceno.

The dog, believed to be a bull terrier, has five tattoos – including a large piece on its nose and stars right next to its eyes.

After receiving huge criticism, its owner changed his name to Emerson Candido before deleting the images and then his profile.

Tattooed Dog

Tattooed Dog

Emerson had claimed they were not done for style – saying he believed they would protect the dog from getting cancer.

His girlfriend also defended him, and claimed the dog was only inked after being seen by vets in the city of Posos de Caldas.

However, the vets denied the claim.

They said they had not done anything similar on a dog and did not condone its tattoos.