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Toddler Who Lost Her Arms and Legs Gets Doll With Matching Prosthetic Limbs


An adorable two-year-old girl who lost all four limbs to meningitis has been given an “American Girl” doll with prosthetic arms and legs, just like her!

When she was 10 months old, Harmonie-Rose Ivy Allen, of Bath, England, was struck down with meningitis B and given a less than a 10 percent chance of survival.

The brave little girl defied the odds, but she had to have her arms and legs amputated.

With Harmonie’s third birthday coming up in November, her mother, Freya Hall, enlisted the help of a friend in New York to get Harmonie a very special doll from the “American Girl” store in Manhattan.

When the doll – whose name is Rebecca – was brought back to England, Hall decided she couldn’t wait several months to give it to Harmonie.

“Harmonie has never seen another quadruple amputee, so it’s amazing to show her that she’s not the only one,” Hall told ABC News. “I’m hoping it will encourage her to go on her prosthetic legs a little more too. At the moment, Harmonie sees her legs more as a hindrance rather than something that will help her.”

“I think Harmonie and Rebecca will be the best of friends.”