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Wannabe Indiana rapper shoots himself in video because he ‘felt like taking a bullet to the face’


A wannabe rapper in Indiana is shooting off his mouth.

Kasper Knight, who calls himself “Kasper tha Phantom,” shot himself after he “felt like taking a bullet to the face,” he said in a bizarre explanation on the video.

In the clip posted on his Facebook page on Friday, Knight holds a revolver to his cheek and pulls the trigger, reeling in pain from the bullet piercing his mouth.

He spits out blood and holds his hand over the bullet wound, before laughing and rubbing a crimson mask over his face.

“I don’t give a f–k about nothing anymore,” he said in the clip. “I swallowed the bullet… s–t.”

In the description on the video, Knight said he originally wanted to shoot himself in the face for a music video, but couldn’t find a person who would be willing to record it.

He bragged about his own suffering, claiming it was “really nothing” and a “4 out of 10 on the pain scale.”

He spoke out against his friends and family who complained about the video, demanding they mind their own business.

indiana-rapper“Your care for my life will never supersede my disregard for it,” he wrote in the post. “I knew it was possible that the bullet might bounce back and puncture my throat, but it didn’t matter.”

A day after the bumbling bullet blast, Knight uploaded a second video, calling out critics who claimed the clip was a fake.

In the second video, Knight shows off the stitched wound, with a nauseating hole inside his cheek.

“Nasty though, ain’t it?” he said.

In a bizarre description on one of Knight’s rap videos, the uploader writes: “He seeks billionaire status, a trans-human bionic body and complete world domination.”

New Haven police told the Daily News the video was under investigation.